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Dear Friend,

First of all, I want to thank everyone who came out to see Crude in its first week at the IFC Center in New York. I met so many amazing folks who were moved by the film and left the theatre energized to help in whatever way they can. The tremendous response also gave Crude the highest per-screen average gross in the country, no small feat for a labor-of-love documentary that has relied solely on grassroots marketing, word-of-mouth, and some of the kindest reviews I have received in my career.

But our work has only just begun.  While hitting a homerun on one screen in Manhattan is a great start, we still have a tremendous uphill battle. In the days leading up to the release, Chevron stepped up its attacks on Crude, without having seen the film. Each week, the marketplace gets more crowded with bigger Hollywood films that can nudge the little guys out of the movie-going public’s consciousness. This Friday, Crude opens in Los Angeles at the Landmark NuArt, and continues at the IFC. If people do not continue to support the release, our two-week engagement in New York will end, and the film will no longer be able to be seen in the nation’s largest city.

If you came to see Crude during its opening week in New York, thank you again. If you were moved by the film, please urge your friends, families and loved ones to go see it this week or weekend. Organize a group from your neighborhood, work, school, church, or club to come and see it. Put the film on your Facebook, and e-mail everyone you know.

And if you haven’t seen it, please come see it today, tomorrow or this weekend. Not only are we relying on you, but the people whose lives we spent three years documenting are counting on their stories being heard.  We firmly believe that big oil only cares about the court of public opinion, and this movie is the best tool we have to encourage the bringing of much needed relief to this region and its people.

Best wishes,

Joe Berlinger

Director/Producer, Crude

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