Crude is a Box Office Hit! spelautomater riktiga pengar Mocha Orange kolikkopelit فتحة الغاب 7 ل Pirates-Treasure-Trove-slot-review فتحة التوأم السامرائي

Because of the tremendous outpouring of support from New York audiences this weekend, Crude, the “film Chevron doesn’t want you to see” is expected to have the highest per-screen weekend box office average in the country! The weekend per-screen average for Crude was nearly three times that of “The Final Destination,” the number one movie in America last week.

As you may be aware, Chevron has been stepping up its attacks on the movie, in the days leading up to its release, calling it “long on emotion and short on facts”. We find these allegations troubling, especially as we’ve made multiple offers to screen the film for Chevron representatives, all of which were rejected. The film goes to great lengths to give as much attention to the positions of each of the opposing parties in this landmark case.  Stephen Holden of the New York Timesamong other prominent critics — specifically cited this quality, saying, ‘rarely have such conflicts been examined with the depth and power of Crude.’

The people we’ve met at this weekend’s screenings have left the theater moved and motivated to raise awareness about the plight of more than 30,000 rainforest dwelling Ecuadoreans.  This weekend’s success indicates that the Chevron’s attempts to discredit the film have fallen on deaf ears, and audiences have made their voices heard. Crude was made with an attempt to respect its viewers enough to allow them to make up their own minds about this story, and we are grateful that so many folks have come out this weekend to do just that.

If you have already seen Crude, please encourage your friends, families and loved ones to do the same. And if you haven’t yet seen it, please check out our “Now Playing” section to find a screening near you.

Thanks again to all who have contributed to making the film a success!

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