Temporary Stay Granted Today, First Amendment Fund Up and Running on Kickstarter

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It’s only been a few hours since we launched our First Amendment Fund, and we are already well on our way to reaching our initial goal of $20,000 by the end of June.  We cannot thank you enough for your immediate and generous support and hope you will help us spread the word as we continue to defend our First Amendment rights against Chevron. We cannot put up this fight without your help, and we are so grateful for this wonderful first day of support.

As reported in Reuters and The New York Times, the temporary stay we were granted today enables us to advance what we believe is a meritorious appeal on this very significant First Amendment matter. We still need the Second Circuit Court of Appeals to grant us a permanent stay in order to file a meaningful appeal, but we are grateful for today’s positive outcome.

Click here to listen to Joe Berlinger’s interview on today’s Leonard Lopate Show on WNYC.

Stay tuned…


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