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Berlinger’s attorney Maura Wogan says that “while we await the appeals court’s formal legal opinion on the journalist’s privilege, this interim order does substantially limit Judge Kaplan’s decision and place restrictions on Chevron,” interpreting this verdict as a “win for Joe Berlinger, journalists, and documentarians everywhere,” as the lower court order would have required Berlinger to produce more than 600 hours of raw film footage, whereas under the appeals court order, Berlinger will produce only unused footage that falls into specific categories.

Berlinger articulates a similar sense of victory, stating:

“Since the court issued its order without yet a corresponding opinion, I must reserve my full analysis of the results until the three-judge panel’s opinion is rendered.  However, I can say that we are extremely pleased with today’s results.  The appeals court has substantially limited Judge Kaplan’s overbroad order, which was the main thrust of our appeal.  Furthermore, the court has expressly prohibited Chevron from using any footage we do turn over in their public relations campaigns, a goal that was extremely important to me.

I am gratified that by adhering to the basic standards of the journalist’s privilege articulated in the previous precedent setting case Gonzalez vs. NBC, the appeals court for the Second Circuit has affirmed that documentary filmmakers are no different than any other journalists deserving First Amendment protection.

I am deeply grateful for the tremendous outpouring of support that the artistic, filmmaking, legal, media and journalist communities have shown towards this case in the past three months.  It was precisely this support that gave me and my legal team at Frankfurt, Kurnit, Klein & Selz the strength to stand up for these very important foundations of American democracy.”

We thank you once more for your persistence interest, passion, and support throughout this monumental fight.

-Joe Berlinger & Team CRUDE

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